The definitive MS-Excel-based Production and quality reporting tools for manufacturing companies.
  • Production Reports
  • Downtime & OEE Reports
  • Stock Reports
The Perfect Excel based Solution that
  • Understand where to focus your time and attention using insights from our downtime reports and the reasons for downtime
  • Gain Machine Availability,Manpower productivity and Quality related insights from our OEE reports
  • Ease of data entry ensures a hassle free experience
  • Can integrate with other ERPs
  • No additional IT infrastructure required

Why TTrack works
  • Very very quick interface for data entry
  • Multiple reports available for viewing within seconds
  • Total customization, Amazing user experience on a comfortable interface (Excel)
  • No additional IT infrastructural requirement, seriously, NONE!
  • Can run by itself, can also download base data from existing ERPs
Success stories


 (truck transmission plant, Ranjangaon near Pune)
Metric Before After
Data entry time 2 hours for 3 shifts data 30 minutes for 3 shifts data
Reporting time 4-6 hours per week of manager’s time in number-crunching to generate reports Reports available within seconds.No time spent on number crunching
Number of reports One standard report available, whose template was prepared by team. Any other reports required preparation. Multiple reports available at finger-tips

  • Daily production reports
  • Production summary reports
  • Loss pareto reports
  • Advanced pivot table reports

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