Gear Pump Cell Productivity Improvement

  • Performed time studies to understand current state of assembly process.
  • Engaged team in load balancing and layout analysis.
  • Analysis performed for a cell with approx. 50 models of product with cycle times ranging from 6 min to 23 min.
  • Developed revised layout for cell as per lean principles.
  • Developed pull-based material feeding strategy.
  • Coordinating all aspects of line modification (obtaining quotations & interacting with vendors, setting up material flow system, assistance with commissioning of modified line).

Plant Layout

  • Drove CFT to design plant expansion layout as per lean principles, and a step-by-step procedure.
  • Listed all functional modules to be included in the layout.
  • Identified Needs & Wants.
  • Calculated area required by each module.
  • Brainstormed different layout options.
  • Led team exercise to objectively analyze & choose best option using decision matrix technique.

Optimization of Stores Material Issue Process


  • Implementation of FIFO racks, & modified binning & feeding process for Hi-runner parts in Stores.


CNG Dispenser Assembly Process Establishment

  • CNG Dispensers being assembled using job-shop techniques (no standard process, material organization, takt adherence etc.)
  • Goal was to improve assembly & testing capacity from 20 to 40 dispensers / month.
  • Process recorded on video, and detailed time study performed.
  • Designed improved assembly cell, incorporating:
    • 5S – Defined stations for all equipment, material, tools.
    • Fixtures and other aids to improve operator ergonomy and speed of assembly.
    • Balanced line load.
    • Pull-based material flow & well-defined parts presentation strategy.
    • Well-defined systems for communication of production requirements and performance.
  • Coordinated all aspects of equipment procurement (quotations, vendor tracking, runoffs, installation & commissioning).
  • Drawing board-to-production achieved in 3 months.

Plant 5S Drive

  • Conducted training on 5S and 3Ms for plant associates & staff.
  • Drove plant-wide waste identification drive.
  • Currently driving 1S & 2S drives across the plant (red-tagging unwanted material & deciding on disposition, organizing required material as per need)
  • Driving floor team leaders & middle management continuously to maintain 1S & 2S disciplines through frequent presence on plant floor.

Mobile Hydraulic Valve Cell Launch management

  • Coordinating the manufacturing launch of Parker’s mobile hydraulic valve family at their Navi Mumbai plant.
  • Responsible for timely launch of the machining, assembly & test cell, to meet specific capacity and investment targets.
  • Responsible for coordinating development of local suppliers for certain key components.
  • Co-ordination of all activities from Product Design, Sales, Supplier Development, Operations and Quality.
November 23, 2015

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