T Plan

An Excel-based tool that generates realistic production plans within minutes, based on a wide range of real-time constraints.
T Plan

is simpler, easier & gives more realistic output than most ERP systems with

  • Machine Loading Plan
  • Raw Material Scheduling
  • MRP output
  • Customer Dispatch Plan
The Perfect Excel Based Solution That
  • Increase machine up time
  • Improves on-time-delivery
  • Optimizes R/M,WIP & FG inventories
  • Gives Dynamic response to changes in Customer demand and Raw material supply
  • Generates realistic production plans within minutes
  • The tool can be used stand-alone, or in sync with any ERP system
  • Improve precision of customer dispatch and raw material schedules
  • No additional IT infrastructure required

Why T Plan works
  • Advanced algorithm that generates realistic plans based on more constraints than most competing applications.
  • Total customization, Amazing user experience on a comfortable interface (Excel)
  • No additional IT infrastructural requirement, seriously, NONE!
  • Can run by itself, can also download base data from existing ERPs
Success stories

(truck transmission plant, Ranjangaon near Pune)

Metric Before After
Planning cycle time 8-10 hours / plan cycle for 2 people (~ 20 man-hours) 30 minutes / plan cycle for 1 person (~ 0.5 man-hours)
Frequency of rigorous planning Approx. once a week Daily
Systemic improvements Customer commitments made based on assumptions about processing times

Supplier delivery schedules based on lead time assumptions & end customer demand

Inconsistent prioritization of different sales orders

Supplier delivery schedules based on production plan. Precise delivery priority list now given

Production planning consistently prioritized based on specific logic dictated by Management

Additional metrics for performance evaluation (eg. In-plant OTD between different processes)

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