About Us

Thinker’s Hat is a consulting firm that simplifies accessing, tracking, analyzing and planning all resource allocation using MS Excel based software.

We at Thinker’s Hat understand the cruciality of resource optimization. We saw wastage and pilferage happening in the industry inspite of all high-end ERP systems. This really inspired us to find ways to simplify the way industry tackles resource, time and inventory management.

We found out the gaps in the existing system and developed extremely easy ways to save time, money, energy in material and production planning i.e. through excel based softwares. With our solutions it is easy for the production team to access, understand, track production processes & inventory much more effectively; coupled with vital additional features which help in forecasting and planning.

Systems Implementation Assistance

We work with you in implementing the systems by ensuring proper data collection and entry and generating intelligence reports and actionable insights.

We help put both manual and digital systems in place to eliminate pilferage of resources and ensuring a smooth running of your profit centers.

Covid-19 - Ecotech's response to the pandemic
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